How to Monetize Your Passion & Expertise With Stories, Videos, and Creativity NOW!

Hosted By Executive Producer/Director: Sistah Soldier

You’ll learn why NOW is the right time for you to create compelling Stories, Audio, Live Webinars, and Videos that can Get You Paid!   I will guide you step-by-step through navigating the process of getting over your fears, choosing your delivery method, and HOW to AMPLIFY your message!

I’ll share professional techniques used in film and television to set your media apart from amateurs, broaden your reach, and impact trillions!

Hosted By Executive Producer:  Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty

Creator of The Art In Me Series:  Media Strategies That Work™ 

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Women VETERANS Wanting A New Career In Media, INFLUENCERS, AND LEADERS Reinventing Your Business!

STOP worrying about how you will generate visibility to gain more business, use unfamiliar technology, inform new leads about your product or mission, or find work in such a noisy marketplace.
STOP resisting the use of media over and over again when you can change the outcome of your situation in a matter of 45 days.

START using Media Strategies That Work™ for use with websites, client enrollment, Membership sites, Social Media, Group Programs, Influencers, Masterminds, and Corporate Trainings.

Instead, Within 45 Days Learn The Never Before Taught: Highly Effective Video, Podcast, and Writing Strategies Used By The Entertainment Industry That Works anywhere Online Today 


The Art in Me™

How to Monetize Your Passion & Expertise With Media in 2021 – create compelling Stories, Audio, Live Webinars, and Videos that Generates High Revenue! 

Here’s What’s Included in The 6 Week Intensive…


  • Find Your Message, Own it, and Deliver it

  • Discover the Right Platform for Your Message

  • How to Use Minimal Technology and Still Create Great Content

  • Create Visual Stories

  • How to Use Media Tools and the Strategies That Work With them

  • Launch Your Message

  • The Annual Launch Roadmap

  • How to Create Interview & Sales Scripts that Work

  • Media Strategy Examples

  • Marketing Strategies That Work

  • Templates, Scripts, Checklists

  • Direct Interaction With Me During Every Session

  • Lifetime Access to Our Group

  • Lifetime Access to the 6 Week Intensive Recordings and all the Training Materials

  • Top Distribution Channels

BONUS LIVE SESSION:  Free Live Masterclass: 3 Monetized Media Strategies That Consultants Use To Land Clients Right Now!  

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Have a larger based clientele?

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Understand how to monetize videos?

Have your own Podcast or TV / Video Show?

Become an Influencer who writes amazing content in your industry?

Understand how to work technology?


Working with Sistah has saved my business time after time again. She’s a master strategist when it comes to making a shift during a change”

Stephanie Lambert

International Pastry Chief, Owner, Parkers Confection

Get Carity, Pivot, and Start Taking Action Now!

Hi, I’m Sistah,


During my last 5 years of working in film and television, there are a few things I’ve mastered that have caused me to create effective work, have my show aired on 60+ television channels, write for a major newspaper, and produce and direct a film a documentary. 

It’s these few things I’m going to spend 6 weeks pouring into an elite group of students who desire to master using their intuitive senses to create content that’s engaging, and that matters.

Starting April 26, 2021, I’ll be working with an elite group of career changers and small business owners who want to cause a massive impact.   In addition to our 2-hour sessions, we’ll connect frequently via emails to keep you on track, and getting results that will include 

  • Strategies for setting-up your home studio sight & sound
  • Creative engagement strategies
  • Simple on-the-go technology tools
  • Marketing techniques that can get you clients 

We are helping 2,000 messengers launch their media ventures in 2021 so they can reach the trillions they’re meant to impact.

In this 6 week Intensive, I’ll share with you updated tools and procedures that manifest successful outcomes how you can Get Started With What’s Working Now!

Let’s Do This!

All the best, 




The Annual Launch Roadmap

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What to Do Next…

If you’re ready to enroll in The Art In Me and receive the Annual Launch Plan along with other goodies, join HERE.


The Art In Me™ IS for you if:

  • You want to increase the annual revenue of your business with a professional media appearance
  • ​You want to develop your own unique brand that helps you stand out in your niche
  • ​You want to grow your personal brand and create consistent income, attract paid clients, speaking engagements, and build your client base
  • ​You’re excited to teach, coach, consult and educate your customers
  • ​You have an “I can do it” spirit and are committed to staying the course and getting it done
  • ​You appreciate being part of a driven community of people sharing their #wins and their challenges in our group everyday
  • ​You value live group coaching & feedback and accountability
  • ​You thrive when you get checklists, templates, scripts, and roadmaps, you can use as a launchpad to get immediate #wins and then get creative 


  • The Art In Me™ is NOT for you:
  • If you don’t want to position yourself as a professional or personal brand
  • ​If you don’t want to have any interaction with your clients & followers
  • ​If you jump from course to course without following instructions and quitting without being committed
  • ​If you’re a perfectionist who’s constantly analyzing, criticizing, or overthink things, and not ready for change
  • if you’re not open to new techniques and are so afraid of technology that you’re willing to remain stagnated

Imagine What Your Service-Based Business Idea Concept Would Look Like within the next 45 days, using Media Strategies That Work to monetize your passion and expertise?

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